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A serene wooden workspace adorned with a variety of herbs, flowers, and jars for tinctures, creating an inviting ambiance that reflects the holistic essence of Soma Ayurved.

Unlock Your Vitality: Experience Balance and Wellness Through Ayurvedic Consultations

Discover Personalized Solutions for Optimal Health, Stress Relief, and Inner Harmony

A beautifully arranged display of dried herbs, a mortar and pestle, twine, flowers, and a wood work space, representing the essence of Ayurvedic traditions and holistic wellness at Soma Ayurved.


Experience Ayurveda and Yoga for a Balanced Life

Welcome to Soma Ayurved, where the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions merges seamlessly with contemporary knowledge to restore harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. I'm Bhanu, an experienced Ayurveda practitioner and wellness guide, dedicated to your journey of well-being.

🌱 Discover Your Unique Path to Wellness: With personalized Ayurveda consultations, we embark on a journey as distinct as your fingerprint. I'll curate a bespoke wellness roadmap designed to address your precise needs and aspirations.


🌟 Holistic Healing at its Core: Drawing upon the profound teachings of Ayurveda and yoga, I offer an array of transformative healing modalities. From Core Synchronism to AyurYoga, these practices rejuvenate your entire being—restoring vitality to body, clarity to mind, and serenity to spirit.


🌈 Empowering Your Wellness Odyssey: My mission is to empower you on your voyage to well-being. Through knowledge and tools, I'll empower you to become the author of your own health narrative, steering you towards a life brimming with happiness and vitality.

🌿 About Me: For many years, I've been immersed in the world of Ayurveda, guiding individuals like you towards optimal health. Discover more about my credentials, experience, and passion for holistic well-being on my about page.


Let me illuminate your path to healing and self-discovery.


Book your personalized Ayurveda and yoga consultation today and embark on an extraordinary journey towards holistic well-being.

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