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Welcome to Herbstalk 2024! | This Saturday & Sunday!

flyer for herbstalk 2024

Welcome to Herbstalk!

Date: June 1 & 2, 2024

Marketplace Hours: 10am-4pm (Marketplace is free to enter)

Classroom Hours: 9am-5:30pm (Over 40 different classes; drop in to whichever you like!)

Location: Somerville, MA

Join us for a joyful weekend of herbal workshops, plant walks and handmade botanical goods at Herbstalk! Explore herbalism with like-minded folks in community, and connect with local healers, herbalists, farmers and artists. Take classes in herbal and holistic health, medicine making, and environmental awareness topics.

Join us for two days of:

  • Over 40 classes about the natural world, including family-friendly workshops

  • A vibrant marketplace of handmade herbal goods from New England herbalists & crafters

  • BIPOC led classes, art and healing services

Join us to learn about, share and celebrate the wonders of the plant world!

If you have any questions, send us an email

All ticket sales are final.


An insightful class on Agni and Ama: Boost Digestive Fire and Burn Toxins.

In this class, we'll delve into the significance of Agni, the body's digestive fire, and Ama, the toxins that accumulate due to inefficient digestion. Discover why a healthy Agni is crucial for optimal digestion, metabolism, and overall well-being, and learn to identify signs of both healthy and impaired Agni.

We will discuss how to recognize signs of Ama accumulation and explore methods to reduce it through diet and lifestyle adjustments. Gain valuable insights into the importance of food choices, exercise, and stress reduction in promoting Agni's health and minimizing Ama accumulation. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of these vital concepts for overall wellness. Hope to see you there! ~ Bhanu



💫 It’s happening! The second session of the Ayurveda 101 Workshop Series is on Sunday, June 9th! Join me, Bhanu Patel, at Cambridge Naturals at 6:30! Week 2: Delve deeper into understanding Prakruti – your unique constitution. Learn to identify your Prakruti and unlock the key to optimal health. Explore personalized diet and lifestyle practices tailored to your individual needs, paving the way for sustainable well-being. You get 15% off your shopping whilst there too! Stock up on Ayurveda self-care essentials and congregate with other Ayurveda-loving human beings! 💗

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