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Ignite Your Digestive Fire & Nourish Your Wellbeing! Ayurveda 101 Workshop | Part 3, this Sunday!

flyer for soma ayurved ayurveda 101 workshop

Join me this Sunday, 6:30 PM at @cambridgenaturals for part 3 of the Ayurveda 101 Workshop Series!


▪️The profound connection between food and medicine in Ayurveda.

▪️How to harness the power of mindful eating for body & soul nourishment.

▪️Understanding of Agni, your digestive fire, and how to ignite it for vibrant health.


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▪️Free Recipes: Get inspired with delicious recipes to support your Ayurvedic journey (like the one pictured in the video below!).

▪️Ebook Giveaway: Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog for a FREE 40-page eBook: A Holistic Guide to Thriving: Quick Tips for a Happier, Healthier You!”

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your health to the next level! ️

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