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Embrace the Season: Warm Your Vata with Spiced Porridge and Stewed Fruits

Updated: Jan 16

Warming porridge with stewed fruits

As the crisp autumn air settles in and days grow shorter in the northern hemisphere, our Vata dosha – the energy of movement and space – naturally wants to take flight.

Vata's inherent dryness and coolness crave movement and lightness, often leaving us feeling ungrounded and scattered. But in Ayurvedic wisdom lies the key to navigating the season with grace and balance.

Start by fueling your inner fire with warm, nourishing, cooked food. Vata is naturally cold and dry, so think stews, soups, and hearty grains simmered in warming oils like ghee or coconut. These meals not only provide essential nutrients but also soothe and lubricate our digestive system, preventing Vata-related issues like bloating and constipation.

Remember, Ayurveda emphasizes seasonal eating, so embrace the warming root vegetables and sweet, nourishing fruits that nature offers now. By listening to your body and choosing Vata-pacifying foods, you’ll find yourself feeling grounded, energized, and ready to embrace the beauty of the season

Today, we offer a delectable and seasonally-aligned recipe to pacify your Vata and embrace the beauty of autumn: Warm and Spiced Oatmeal or Amaranth Porridge with Stewed Fruits. I have included the recipe here as a downloadable card for you to keep! If you continue reading, I share further Ayurvedic insights into the ingredients and their Ayurvedic properties. Oh! And a reminder that I am offering services and gift cards at 50% off for the holidays! Enjoy! ~ Bhanu


Recipe card for Bhanu's spiced porridge - purple with white decoration.

Ayurvedic Insights - Warm Your Vata:

  • Cinnamon and nutmeg: These warming spices pacify Vata dosha, promoting grounding and clarity.

  • Cloves: This pungent spice aids digestion and enhances the warming properties of the dish.

  • Raisins: Sweet and grounding, raisins provide natural sweetness and help balance Vata's dryness.

  • Apple and figs: These seasonal fruits offer essential vitamins and minerals while adding a touch of sweetness and texture.

Remember, Ayurveda is a journey of self-discovery. Experiment with this recipe, explore different fruits and spices, and observe how your body responds. With each nourishing bite, you'll feel Vata gently settling back into balance, leaving you warm, grounded, and ready to embrace the beauty of the season.

Beyond the Bowl:

  • Start your day with this warm porridge to promote a sense of calm and groundedness throughout the day.

  • Pair it with a warming herbal tea like ginger or tulsi for an extra Ayurvedic boost.

  • Practice gentle morning yoga or meditation to further anchor your Vata energy.

By incorporating these simple Ayurvedic practices into your routine, you can navigate the changing seasons with ease and grace, keeping your Vata dosha balanced and your spirit warm.

So, let the warmth of this spiced porridge fill your senses and nurture your inner fire. Embrace the season, pacify your Vata, and discover the joy of living in harmony with nature's rhythms. Happy holidays! Love, Bhanu!


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Dec 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

My favorite recipe so far!

Replying to

Yay! I'm so glad you like it! Have you tried our soma rose tea yet?! The recipe is in the newest blog! #somaayurvedrecipes

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